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Chamomile + CBD,
a civilized sleep solution*

Used therapeutically for many centuries, chamomile and hemp are two of the most ancient medicinal plants known to humanity. To create Civil, we looked at every natural ingredient out there, from adaptogens to valerian. In the end, we chose Chamomile and CBD—a botanical dream team for supporting healthy, high-quality sleep.

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German Chamomile Extract, our star ingredient.

Chamomile is the epitome of a Civil ingredient—safe, soothing and aromatic. Extracted from organic, high-quality chamomile flowers, Civil Chamomile is rich in terpenoids and flavonoids.


Broad Spectrum CBD, chamomile's chief collaborator.

CBD research has shown therapeutic properties for brain function and protection, with anti-anxiety, antidepressant, neuroprotective, anti-inflammatory, and immunity benefits.

Supporting Ingredients*

Hand-picked ingredients to get you the best sleep.

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Civil’s Beneficial Carrier Oil.
Civil’s “medium-chain triglycerides,” or “MCTs” are derived from coconuts. Civil MCT oil is a neutral-tasting fatty acid that’s been shown to increase the hormones that make you feel full.

The Civil Terpene Blend

Hardworking Helper Compounds.
Terpenes create an Entourage Effect, enhancing the benefits of a plant’s other components. Terpenes may also help with inflammation, which is linked to sleep disturbances.

Organic Madagascar Vanilla Extract

Potent Powers of Relaxation.
Medical experiments have shown that vanilla fragrance can reduce anxiety. And its undisputed long-term safety profile and beloved taste and smell make vanilla an ideal Civil ingredient.

Organic Lavender Extract

Civil’s Fragrant Finishing Touch.
Lavender’s sleep-supporting properties are well-documented. Research also indicates that linalool, a terpene found in lavender, can lessen cognitive impairments due sleep deprivation.

civil 30 ml.


Civil’s vegan all-natural broad-spectrum CBD and organic chamomile formula includes ingredients such as lavender and vanilla that are proven to support healthy sleep.

Our mostly-organic, non-GMO formula’s is made with integrity in the USA. For best results, take a dropper of Civil every evening at the same time, at least an hour before bedtime.

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