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We're taking a stand
against sedatives.

Sedatives don’t promote healthy sleep—they make it worse. And that’s why we created Civil. Sedatives block healthy REM sleep and deprive you of healthy rest. We’re on a mission to expose the dangers of sedatives and help people get healthy, or what we call civilized sleep.

We created Civil to help people get healthy sleep.

We were shocked to discover that most sleep aids on the market are not proven safe for long term use, and they don’t promote healthy sleep. We couldn’t find a natural sleep aid that met our standards, so we decided to make our own.

We’re committed to being all-natural.

We made it our mission to create an all-natural sleep support for everyone, that’s safe to use every night. Working closely with our team of scientists, we insisted on using only natural, plant-based ingredients: no hangovers and no harmful side effects.

Join our mission to promote healthy sleep.

We’re committed to raising awareness about the science of sleep, and advocating for reforms and solutions that protect future generations from risky sleep drugs and harmful sleep policies.
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