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You deserve to get
healthy, natural sleep*

Civil’s Chamomile & CBD formula contains only all-natural ingredients.
No drugs. No melatonin. No valerian. No sleep hangovers.

Chamomile + CBD,
a healthy sleep solution*

While searching for the best natural sleep aid, we found most options were either sedatives or hormones. So working with a group of scientists we created a natural sleep support we could trust.

We believe that the amazing benefits of healthy, high-quality sleep should be accessible to everyone. That’s why Civil’s all-natural botanical ingredients meet our strictest scientific standards.

Quality First
Thoroughly Tested
Made in the USA
All Natural Ingredients
Proper Potency
30-day Risk Free Trial

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civil 30 ml.


Civil’s vegan all-natural broad-spectrum CBD and organic chamomile formula includes ingredients such as lavender and vanilla that are proven to support healthy sleep.

Our mostly-organic, non-GMO formula’s is made with integrity in the USA. For best results, take a dropper of Civil every evening at the same time, at least an hour before bedtime.

Get the amazing benefits
of Civilized Sleep*

How we sleep affects every aspect of our health, healing and happiness. High quality sleep is a free, legal performance-enhancer for athletes, students and creative people. Sleep is amazing, and we’d like to help everyone get the best sleep they can.

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